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The expertise and the search for quality by an forward thinking master shoe maker from Romans in the Départment of the Drôme in South East France lead to the creation of the CHARLES JOURDAN trademark in 1921. CHARLES JOURDAN has been acknowledged as a international luxury designer label since the 1960’s.
Irreproachable quality and technological innovation are the basis of the creativity of this company, and are the mainstay of a saga which has taken this brand name world wide through a network of 80 boutiques.
Towards the end of the 1970’s, taking into account its wonderful reputation in the shoe and leather trade, the Charles Jourdan Group started to diversify its activities and completed its range of fashion accessories with belts, scarves, glasses and perfumes, and in 1978, BIJOUX CHARLES JOURDAN was born.
At first this new jewellery range was sold through their own boutiques and by their distributors and this new jewellery range did not take long to catch the consumer’s eye. In the 80’s, a company working under licence ,called DIAD’M, had the responsibility of developing sales of the jewellery collection. After 15 years of working under licence from the world famous designer, this company also based in the Department of the Drôme, in South East of France, bought all the rights of the jewellery activity from the Charles Jourdan Group.
Since then, the complete jewellery collection is sold under the brand name of JOURDAN BIJOUX.

As you may expect JOURDAN BIJOUX are as elegant and original as the brand name suggests.

This jewellery is made mostly in France and is synonymous of the know how and the innovation that characteristic of its culture.
The style is both timeless and yet contemporary and the collections are updated every year offering a wide choice of creatively designed necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.
From the very beginning JOURDAN BIJOUX have been made for both feminine and masculine tastes and the quality price ratio guarantees attractiveness for a large public while also offering flawless quality.

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